Monday, 8 October 2012

Abingdon to Appleton Common Part 1

This was part of the Red line I never knew about until I joined a few other guys on a walk round one day, that was the start and after a second trip with one of the guys I did the rest on my own.
I'll start at Abingdon with the Type 28A that is on the bank of what was the Wilts and Berks canal, it over looks the River Ock.

This one is hard to see in the summer due too the shrubbery growing round the outside, it was blocked up but as you can see the local kids got in again most likely for drug use.

 It also overlooks these dragons teeth.

The next few pillboxes were demolished though I am unsure about one of them but your walk will bring you to these road blocks along  I think Cow lane in Marcham.

Which is overlooked by this beast.

Head along the track towards Marcham and you come across this Type 22 which is unusual in that it has a dado rail and is very similar to the one at Culham along the causeway there.

The next one is at the end of the track by the road and is so well hidden you need to go in the allotments just to see this, it's a Type 28A and there is an entrance by the track. To get in I'm afraid it a crawl through said hedge.

Now the next is in the grounds of a college and I spotted it on GE then took a photo over the gate (6ft high) and spotted where it was. I went back one afternoon to get some photos.

Next along is this one at the other end of the grounds. Easy to get to just go to the church and follow the footpath, lot of obscene   graffiti in it though.

That was really it as far as that section was concerned but this gun pit is on the Marcham side of the road at Frilford so I will end there and do the second part from the other side. For a more in depth read look at my article  on Geograph 

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