Friday, 26 July 2013

Part of the LM&SR

LM&SR stands for London, Midland and Scottish Railway, I came across the dismantled railway while looking for a route to walk while at the village. The footpath followed the old track and looked worth a visit. It turned out to be the Stratford on Avon & Midland Junction Line

After walking along the bridleway this first sign you get there was a railway there.

Looking from the  bridge this is the direction for Towcester.

Looking this was is towards the Junction with the main LM&SR line

Going down on the trackbed you can look back and see  the bridge which is in remarkable condition.

This is the old trackbed with the bridge at my back.

I followed the footpath beside the track and ever so often had a  look at the track

It was well used and in good condition

though as you can see 

by farm traffic

At one point  I came across this culvert

A little further along and this area containing rubble cought my eye

and after climbing through the shrubbery I found a platform

there had been a station here in the past called Salcey Forest railway station

This is a small cutting nearby

and this is as far as I could get with the line

Getting back on the road you come across the bridge still there that went over the line

though either side was well over grown

nigh on dam impassable

that is until  you get down on the bed an see this

the bridge is in good condition apart from the extra supports added for strength

the heavy lorries of today weakened it so pillars had to be added.

The original brickwork still looked good. That was it for this part of the track I found as I went off back to find my wife and have some lunch But it was not the end of the story for that day so read on if you dare.

 I went off to look for a triangulation pillar (failed) but noticed this building in the distance. It was the old Station for Piddington on the main line

The bridge would have been here but the deck had been removed

mind you they had left some massive bit of rubble around from the bridge

This is the trackbed towards the station

and in front here would have been where the bridge over the road started

These were some of the stones on the opposite side.
One of the capping stones

Piddington Station in the dusk. surprising what you can see and find when you out for a walk . Hope you enjoyed my trip 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Crambrian Railway Part 2

The line runs North from Builth Wells towards Rhayader and beyond. I had not intentionally set out to record any of the lines  as most of it has been reclaimed though you can see where parts went as you drive near by on the road. The first section I came across was near the old Doldwlod Station. I had spotted a pillbox beside the old line so went to get a photo.

This is the old railbed looking towards Doldwlod Station, the pillbox I was after is just up on the left.

Looking the other way back towards Newbridge-on -Wye

The other thing I noticed was there used to be a bridge here we look towards where the bridge used to be.

Here you can see where the bridge would have crossed the river Wye

Not much to see now but the bridge would have joined the bank over there and headed off towards where the building is.

Very little to say there was a bridge apart from some brickwork that is left and a cast iron base that may have been part of the bridge structure

Another view of the remaining parts of the bridge

Some of the base of the bridge

The track you see here is part of the old railbed tha came up from the bridge to Doldwlod station.

This is the entrance to Doldwlod station and on the right you can see the end of the platform.

From the station the railway would have gone off through where the petrol station is now and the road further on is built on the bed. Before it reached Rhayader it cross the Wye again and the bridge is still in place though I have not visited it. The railway then went through a couple of cuttings  before getting to the station.
The next time I picked up the railway was near Pont Marteg where we stopped off for a picnic, I went for a walk and noticed this

I could see a railway embankment  and what looked like a bridge

which is what it turned outto be crossing the Afon Martag.

Looking back I could see where there was a cutting.

On getting to the embankment I could see  where the embankment went and behind was a tunnel going through the hillside though now it was used as a home for bats.

The railbed was now used as a footpath in a nature reserve

and the cutting was still there 
After heading back to the road I found the original track had been  cut in two by the A470 which now ran through the area.

The embankment is can be seen in the center photo

 Here is were the embankment was cut through by the road.

That is as much of the Crambrian railway I have covered and it shows what can still be found if you look no doubt more is still there to be seen.

I'll leave you with this view along the Afon Martag from the rail embankment.