Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Scotlands Secret Bunker

After readings A Bit About Britain's post on a cold war bunker and the cold reception he was given I thought I would show you what one looked like. There were many of these built round the country against time of nuclear attack and up to the time of visiting I had only ever seen an ROC post and that had been burned & trashed buy the local chaves. I thought shame the lid had not shut with them inside.  Still it gave me an idea as to how things would have been. The two guys manning the post would have been on a one way ticket that is for sure. It was while I was on holiday in Scotland near Dundee my wife saw the advert for the Scotlands Secret Bunker  and said we should visit. I had heard of the places and was wondering what it would be like.

Apart from the fence and truck that give away this is not a farmhouse you could be forgiven in thinking  that was the purpose. Down below it's a whole different ballgame

After climbing down a stairway you come to this long tunnel

To these blast doors

I'm sure you can read how think the walls are

Inside is the first control room for the area

Emergency services had a control room as well just off the main one

Fully staffed switchboard

There is also a doctors surgery though this reminds me of a horror movie

There are also two sets of dormitories like this

Broadcasting studio

A couple of cinemas

A church if you have not lost faith by then

And a special room for the Minister of state so he can save his sorry arse

RAF operations Room

Which looks like this in use, not sure about the legs though
Did I mention there were two floor in the place

well go down  to the second and you see this control room

and aother for the civil defence
and long corridors like this

The place is hidden under a mound like this now in my mind it would ring that there was something there especially when you saw this radar station behind the wire so maybe a not so secret bunker if you were local

I think we should be grateful they did not fire one of these at the country or I would not be showing you this blog.
There were many places like this round the UK and all the Major city's & towns have them including Reading, Oxford & Witney which are around the area I live & were council run. I have no doubt in a time of crises at a moments notice they could be gotten operational again even if privately owned the MOD  would just walk in and take over.
 Hope you have enjoyed your trip round the Bunker and If you want to see more of photo then check my Flickr Page  In all honesty I found the place very depressing & oppressive so having to live there underground for a long time would do you no favors especially if you did not know what to expect when you came out. All that said  the guy who owns the site has done a great job of restoring it and getting the exhibits so if your around the Dundee area the pay a visit it gives an inside into a world we did not know about.