Thursday, 14 December 2017

Visit to Pompeii

Many years ago I was sent to the university of Salerno to install a magnet system by Oxford Instruments who I was working for at the time. I spent a couple of weeks there and on the weekend I had the chance to visit Pompeii because it was not that far away from the place. So I took my life in my hands and hopped on a local bus to go there which was only a few Lire back then (Before Euro's).
Any way after some hair raising experiences on the roads I carried there and took a few photos with my Canon Powershot 35mm compact. If I'd have had a digital camera then i would have come back with hundreds of photos rather that the couple of rolls I took. You  can read about the history of Pompeii in the link. All the photos were scanned up so the quality is not as good a a digital camera you get now. When I visited which was on a weekend there were a distinct lack of tourists around and rather that go on a guided tour I just wandered around freely 

Sure this was the way I went in, all I remember was that the gate used to face the sea port below

The outer walls beside the road

Another view of the are and the road over to the right

Inside the city you can see the roads people used to walk on

another thing you might notice is the lack of people around

There ware some beautiful areas, this one is near the Amphitheatre

Think this was a temple once

view across one part to mount Vesuvius

another area not sure th epart though

could have been another Temple
Had to lighten this photo 

Did know this little fellows name once

Typical garden of a wealthy person

Date Palm Tree

More views of the place

Not sure if this was a shop or part of the public baths

one of the wall paintings you can see
and one of the more famous one
This is the outside of the Amphitheatre
and the view you get walking in

and looking down from the top of the place

The skeleton behind the fence is that of a horse & I think this was the blacksmiths
The saddest  part of my walk around was seeing the remains of the people who lived here in the throws of dying

Until you see them like this you cannot begin to think of what horror the poor souls went through 
I do not think it was a pleasant way to go
Vesuvius again
That concludes my tour of the place, believe it or not I visited the place twice so I may have more photos to add yet. Hope you enjoyed my little walk around