Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Chilton Interchange Pt Two

The first week back at work for me and noting had happened on the interchange it still looked like it was before the year ended, mind you it had rained and did it rain which lead me to believe they had not started because of it.

All the plant looks the same parked up

but I did get a chance to get a view of the huge hole which had been dug out on the bridleway

Round the south bound slip road side there was a huge puddle of water

The next week it looked different with a lot of construction traffic moving about

along with earth being moved

the South bound site had just as much work going on as well

Week three and the first layer of a road had been put down, recycled material

and from the looked formed a road down the site

Round the South bound site there were a lot of fenced off areas where manholes had been dug

Surveyors were seen taking readings

The first week into Feb and you could see things again were moving along

as they had placed cones on the sliproad coming off the north bound A34

more cones marked out the service road for the interchange site offices

What I noticed on the other side was that a lot of pea shingle had arrived for the drainage going in

Feb also saw the sliproad off the A34 having an upgrade in that it was widened

and built out to move the road over

The road was taking shape as it lead down to the A34

Around the Southbound side a lot of fencing had been placed around the drains going in

This photo was to show the road leading to Hagbourne Hill, I suspected it would change soon after

Towards the end of Feb the roundabout on the North side carriageway was beginning to take shape and have hardcore laid

The new off sliproad was built up

and surveyors were taking measurements

so by the end of Feb they were laying the kerb stones on the South bound roundabout and sliproad

The road by the fence now awaiting connecting to the new part

The road layout  now shaping out

It would not be long before this view changed

Mid March saw things had moved on again

With the road and kerb stones clearly in place

right down to the hardcore base

Down by the bridleway you could see rebar being erected for the bridge or tunnel

Traffic islands were clearly seen on the South bound side roundabout

and  the new North bound off sliproad was nearing the time the tarmac was laid

Above a stitch shot of South Side off the A34 roundabout. On the left you can see the pelleted kerb stones waiting to be laid

Further down the site scaffold is in place for building up the rebar

Round near the village and the Hagbourne road you can see the fence is now moved out

with lots of work happening

The drains are in place on the roundabout

and the widened sliproad  has soil laid up the side of the sliproad

Round the A34 south side they had laid the hardcore

and the surface looked like it would soon be getting a layer of tarmac

Two days later that is just what happened

The first layer of asphalt went down

Above it was still going on when I too this photo from the car at the traffic lights. On the right they were getting the sliproad ready for a layer of tarmac the following week

The new surface soon got dirty from the construction traffic

The embankment of the roundabout on the North bound side was also getting a surface of topsoil

April came and the road by the sliproad had a blue line marking where the kerb was going and the road diverted

Took a reference photo of the road at the time before the roundabout was built

The roundabout on the other hand seem to be taking ages to get done though they were laying the chevrons on the roundabout

The sliproad looked about ready for tarmac

Further down site scaffold was in place and from the look shuttering for the concrete

Mid April and the Islands on the South bound roundabout were in-filled with hardcore

The new road was taking shape now

Above they had placed traffic lights on the road for single lane use and on the old sliproad off the A34 going North the Surface had been laid on the extension

How often do you get to stand in the middle of a sliproad to get a photo with no traffic

opposite the site seem to change slowly

by the end of April you could see the concrete on the bridge side where the shuttering had been removed

The Southbound roundabout now looked like it should be with the chevrons nearly done

Second week of May and the surface was laid

the first layer was going down

The old road coming off the A34 had holes in where the pecker had drilled

and on the other roundabout the traffic was diverted around the roundabout while the kerbing went in and the old road removed

You could see some peck marks in the road

On the North bound Roundabout all you could see where cones

and more tarmac going down

Around May time I started visiting on a Friday evening as I found it a little uncomfortable taking photos while people were at work as they kept looking at me when I took them like this one where the footpath is being removed. I think they felt I was spying

The roundabout was really moving on with the surface being laid down the sliproad

It was looking near to a finished state

Not a good stitch but shows the roundabout coming off the South side of the A34

Traffic light were still directing the traffic as well

but the old road was now gone from site and a new footpath had gone in

The contractors went though water in the heat

the new sliproad extension open and in use, you can see over on the right the oldone has been backfilled

The South off roundabout now with a covering of topsoil

Waiting at the traffic lights going towards the South off Roundabout

They also started to redevelop the footpath by Chilton Village

and the roadside was tided up on the other side

so by June they were laying a new path on the old entrance road to Manor Court

by then a drainage pond had been dug and culvert put in

all that was needed was the road to be finished off and the roundabout would be in use

Over on the Bridleway the tunnel had now been cast and you could see the roof and parapet in place

The roundabout was all but finished

and they had now cut a small trench for the kerb stones on the North bound Roundabout

Though they were still working on the bridleway bridge

made me wonder how long it would be before the backfilled it
The northbound roundabout from near the sliproad at the end of June

In mid July I looking towards where the road is being diverted

The island near Chilton Garden Centre had been back filled with topsoil

And on the opposite side the island was complete now forcing traffic around the roundabout

 Which now had the chevrons around 90% of the circumference

The old one at Chilton was being updated

New markings had been placed on the road near the roundabout off the North bound carriageway

and the new surface was going down in the sliproad off the A34 South

the roundabout was all but finished

More than could be said for the other where Thames Water wer3e laying new pipes. I wondered why it could not have been done months ago before it started

The sliproad on was more of a parking lot

with all types of stuff left there over the weekend

but the bridge was back filled and had an excavator parked on it

By August the old roundabout was looking new

so was the embankment off the South side carriageway 

Buy September the roundabout was clear

so was the sliproad till the next car appered

work was going on with the bridleway bridge as they finished off the work

The other side was done

In October traffic light appeared on the crossing

and I had a walk up the sliproad coming off the A34

and took a photo of the new sign

Both on sliproad

and off sliproads were finished

with a sweeping road to the A34

clear access to the roundabouts

November and all the roads were clear

Traffic lights were working

On November the 10th 2016 the new interchange opened for use just over two years since it was announced


The whole road system around Chilton had changed for good. Why it was never built in the first place I do not know but it can only be a benefit to the Harwell campus which is expanding and the ever expanding housing estates in the area.

Hope you have enjoyed the work I have done on this project there is a more in-depth article on Geograph plus over 1000 photos that went into covering it. Now what next