Thursday, 19 November 2015

The British Museum

Went there for a visit on Saturday to see the Celtic exhibition so was looking forward to what I world see. Of course the camera came to to record some of the day.

 This is the main entrance just after it opened and we joined the throngs going in

Tried stitching three sections together  but this was the best I could do

First thing you see when you get in the Museum is this

But it looks even more impressive from above

Now I had come along to see the Celts exhibition and was rather miffed when I had to fork out  33  quid for the privileged. (The totem pole has nothing to do with it BTW I just took a photo as I walked past.)  On entering the exhibition everyone started taking photo's of the exhibits only to be told by some officious student that Photography was not allowed. I pretended not to hear and took another only to be told again. I did have a pop back at her but we were told to has said so at the entrance. So being me I managed to get photos of everything I wanted to see with out the guards (did I mean attendants)  seeing me. Even the one hiding behind the Celtic cross but as my wife said I should not post them I leave it. The exhibition is interesting with a lot of  items on show borrowed from other museums where no doubt you can take photos of them. I enjoyed it but it is not worth paying 33 quid to see

The Egyptian hall and the first thing we saw was a scarab
Not sure if this is the top of a tomb or staue

But this is certainly a bust of

The Persian hall was worth seeing as I seem to remember some places do not exist now thanks to some terrorists

Back to the Egyptian Hall

where you could see the front of a tomb and the head of a Pharaoh

We also went into the Indian Hall for some culture

The Chinese where there were superb sculptures on show

Including this fierce looking fellow

Into the Mummies room where there were a lot on show

skeletons that were  found in a cave

and another in a pit
I think this chariot wheel was found in the UK 

But peat here was found in a Bog

Lots of Roman finds were on show as well like these helmets
 I wonder if they were worn  in battle or just for show

This was part of a Roman building the collapsed

But I felt this was the star of my visit, the helmet form Sutton Hoo, the one above is a reconstruction of the real thing

which was on show as well, You can compare the two

A shield reconstructed with some of the parts found, there were also swords

Some Celtic broaches

That looked amazing, wonder why they were not in the exhibition, mind you there were empty cases which told you some bits were
The remains of a Celtic Cross

One of the last places I visited was where you could see time pieces

This was one amazing clock made in 1585, even the little canons fired

These were even older
We went outside for some lunch and it rained so we left to go home tired of the crowd's that were in the museum

 I took this one of drinking Fountain I noticed near the entrance, it was covered with a clear top now and used for a table
Would I go back, I doubt it. There are Museums you can visit all over the country with just as much of interest in them.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.