Friday, 25 September 2015

A Derelict Mine

My wife and I went out for a drive through the upper Elan Valley a few weeks ago and finally stopped off on the roadside for  a cup of coffee and a bight to eat it.

From where we parked you could see all the way down the valley

the other way was a little hazy

behind me was the Cwmystwyth  disused mine
 the sign tells you the place is of scientific interest

the walls of this processing building were long gone

as was much of this one further up

further along you could see more buildings

inside one you could see  the chutes which the ore & water came down
 The  pattern on the wall is from the safety grating above but you can still see the wooden chute

 and the wooden sides of what was underneath

Doorways in the walls

and the processing building base

 above the skeleton of the remaining buildings 
 All that remain now are the ghosts of the past. I'm told there are underground parts of this mine that can be accessed but I did not go on this visit. I don't think my wife would approve of me getting lost underground.