Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Return to Cotswold Wildlife Park

This was a revisit to Cotswold Wildlife park, one place my Wife & I like to visit every so often

One of the first places to go was the ring  tailed Lemur enclosure 

They were not the only ones using the enclosure either


having a good sniff around

Above my favourite Otters, I wrote a blog on them a few weeks back.

On the right Prairie Dogs

He was quite happy in his home

While this one looked out of the burrow

This gang of looked very serious

watching every move you made

Penguin time, they really swim fast under water

Is this side better

Pygmy Mongoose

Keeping a lookout.

The porcupine another blog I wrote recently

It was bigger than I thought, around the size of a small dog

Bonus was it had young who came out for a look around as well

Snow Leopard

One of my wife's favourite animals to see was the Giraffe

they look so graceful when they walk

But this one stuck out it's tongue

The Lion watching over his pride 

Lioness looking on

Humpty back Camels, other one on the right was very young when we last came here

Watching the visitors

The White Rhino

again last time I came the one on the left was very small


Above adult Rhino while below you can see the other rhino that has grown up

Another photo featured was these turtles on a log

This Egyptian duck was having a great time splashing

finally spreading out it's wings

Peacock displaying it's tail feathers

The Peahen or Guinean Foul, has to be the nosiest critter I know of.  A local farmer used to keep they and you could hear them all over the village

Sleeping Wallaby

and a  Coypu

These were being fed but some one who paid for a day with a keeper

Coypu again

In the pet area and a flop eared Buny

above a goat who looks not too pleased, On the right one of the cows in the pet area

I'll leave you with this shot of a red panda asleep, I've not been able to get a good shot of them for the last two visits I had. Maybe next time.  
If you want to see my last visit and the Small Rhinos then check out the link