Thursday, 11 May 2017

RAF Duxford

These photos were taken a long time ago when I used an SLR film camera. My wife the kids and myself had a weekend away and ended up at Duxford which suited me to the ground. Duxford is an ex RAF base now in the hands of the Imperial War Museum and they fly many old planes there

This is an old Junkers JU52/3m which I found has it's own Wikipedia page though it is in German D-DQUI

This one is another JU52 which was used in World War Two by the German Paratroopers , must admit to always liking these planes

Took me a while to find out the name of this plane after I realised it was not what I thought it was. It's a
Morane-Saulnier MS.505 Criquet

Two planes I recognise the near white one is a TSR2 the one on the left is the Victor V Bomber

Line up of WWII planes with two of my favourite Spitfires 

A B52 Stratofortress now when you see this up close it is huge

This is one of the many displayed B52's around the world and one of the biggest planes beside Concorde to have landed at Duxford. I might add they will never take off here as the M11 went through part of the Runway

It's HAWG WILD nose art on the B29 Superfortress at one of the surviving Superfortress on display

On the right one of my favourite planes the  PBY Catalina

This is one of the surviving  PBY Catalina's around  the world

More Nose art on this P51 Mustang called Moose on the right a F4U Corsair with its wings up 

View through the planes to a Messerschmitt BF109

One of the WWI planes you can see at Duxford which may be a Bristol F.2 Fighter

Above the B17 Flying Fortress  Mary Alice and another F4U Corsair in beautiful condition 

Very nice Spitfire with Hurricane behind and Thunderbolt to the right

More nose art on this  B25 Mitchell Bomber  One of the surviving B25's from WWII

A Sunderland Flying Boat, this is huge

The De Havilland Mosquito 

All these photos were taken about 25 years ago  and have bee scanned up. Since then I have revisited and taken new photos which will be featured in another blog. A lot of the planes are now in new hangers and display areas which I hope to revisit again this year.