Monday, 5 May 2014


Avebury in Wiltshire is a place is you could say the poor relation to Stonehenge, the fact it is a henge is probably lost on many people who tend to visit the place.  It dates back to 2300 BCE when it was built in the Neolithic age and comprises of three circles which encompass the village of Avebury. It is a UNSECO World Heritage Site so worth while visiting. Here are a few photos I took while I was there.

 This is the large outer ditch of the Henge

One of the information boards telling you about the place

Looking back at the ring of stones

 One of the stones wait a chapel in the background

Same stone but with the village pub, the small concrete stone marks where another large stone used to be
 Three together

 Here you can see the road that runs through the centre of the henge

The other side of the henge looking at the ditch
Stones look huge don't they but it's me tricking you a bit here though they are over twice the height of the average person

I thought this one looked like a skull
 Looking through two of the stones

Lots of people enjoying a day at the stones

These last two photos are a couple of Stitched photos to give a panoramic view of the place

Avebury is run by the National Trust and is well worth a visit plus at the Manor you can see a couple of Museums containing finds from the site.