Thursday, 11 October 2012

Abindon to Appleton Common Part2

Now this section is probably the more interesting in that it is full of type 22A's. There were quite a few in the previous section but this tops it. The section starting in Abingdon would have had a deep anti tank ditch zig zagging across the countryside and there is a section on show near one of the pillboxes. We start by heading up the road to wards Longworth and in the grounds of a house you find a type 22.

I went and asked the owner to visit this one which they were ok with pointing out they used it as a wood store. As you can see it is well covered in shrubbery as well.
Nearby would have been a section post and road blocks but they are long gone.

Heading on down the road over to the right opposite Millets farm shop is a most interesting one as it has the anti tank ditch. I'd phone the owner first he was ok with me telling me all about it and how the local military history group helped with this. Next door on another farm is a second type 28A just through the hedge.

The next two you will find are along a footpath to Fyfield Wick and again are very close together. One is almost covered in Ivy and the main embrasure is blocked the other is reasonably clear. Both may have been used for animals at one time

The next two are in Fyfield round the back of a set of garages and are situated in a paddock. We just hopped over the fence to look but it is probably worth asking the owner if they don't mind you looking. Just watch out for the animals.

Now the next pair I visited were at Appleton common but in truth there are two more to visit before you get there as I found out after. I looked them up on the map then checked out GE and managed to spot part of one so it was off on the hunt again. The First two were outside Fyfield 

This one is in a small wood near a stream.

And the other nearer the road, when I visited they were clearing the area and I hope have left the pillboxes.

The next was a shock, I had read it had been demolished but did not realize I would see  this

After looking round a bit more I found the second which was in a bad state as well and I have come to the conclusion they used it as target practice as the thing looks like it has been hit by ordnance and the first had been destroyed.  Nearby is an ROC post which I did not visit due to  a lack of a torch.
I followed a hedge line to get to them but the farm they are on is nearby and you could just as easy ask and cross the fields, just watch out for cows.
I think there may have been a Type 22 nearby but I could see no sign.
Next two are at Appleton Common so you need to follow the road to the river where you pass another two together is a field.

Watch out for cows again but these are interesting and if you look you can see the marks for more shells and bullets on the pair of them. Thats it for the pillboxes on this side of the river but there is one last thing to see sh head to the river and go to the left along the bank.

And you will see this wonderful array of dragons teeth which are well worth seeing. they would have been at the end of the ditch. That's it for this section of the stopline you have to go over the other side for the next part. You can read more on Geograph in my article and follow it on my  Google Map

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