Friday, 21 September 2012

The Wilts & Berks Canal

This was the first real Rural explore that I went on. I'd seen the place on a website called Dereliction in the Shires  so after contacting the owner we arranged a day and set off starting at East Hanney and walking the route to Wantage.  This stared off as a bit of an embarisment due to us getting lost a bit and instead of following a footpath to the site we ended on the road but ended in the right place after following the footpath.


 This lock last saw use over 100 years ago and one of the lock gates was still hanging on the hinges.


 Looking at the lock I can't help wonder what it would have looked like today if still operating till you notice a tree growing from the side.

 The canal today, does not look like it would take much to get working again but again you find it is full of trees and weeds in places.


The next one along had water running though it and even a lock gate laying over to one side

But again the nature had been doing there best to reclaim and the trees were the machines doing he work of destruction.

 This part near Grove has bee restored though the lock I am stood on is just a wall made to look like a gate.

 Heading into Wantage following the spur you will find little to say a canal ran here other than this dip.

But you will pass the remains of once magnificent bridge  


 and at the end where the wharf used to be an old this building

 Which as you can see has been fully restored, the last part of the Wilts and Berks canal. I'll post a part two at a later date.


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