Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hinton Amper Gardens

"The current house was built in 1790 but remodelled extensively in 1867. It was remodelled again in the Neo-Georgian style by Trenwith Wills and Lord Gerald Wellesley for Ralph Dutton between 1936 and 1939 to his vision of what it would have been like had it been built on its current scale in 1790 – a Georgian country house. It was badly damaged by fire in 1960, and restored again much as it had appeared in 1936.
Ralph Dutton, with no direct heirs, gave the estate to the National Trust, on his death in 1985."
More can be  read on Wikipedia

First place you see is the walled vegetable garden as you walk to the main entrance

You also pass the wonderful lawn

Nice wicker seating area in the veggie garden

The flowers growing in the flowerbeds

with bees buzzing around them

on the wall apple trees have been trained

and have apples growing on them

Above the door leading to the house and the coat of arms on the left which is above it. I'll show you round the house in the next blog

This side of the house was in shade

but not this side with the patio area in front

you can walk between manicured topiary

or gaze across the top of the Haw haw to the countryside beyond

We took a walk between the topiary looking at the flowerbeds

passing a Greek stile gazebo

which  looked out along another path

The end of the walk brought you to this statue and the urns which lead yo along a different way

Some of the views you get along the walks though the topiary

Above some of the plants with the house in the background while on the left a view of the house from the walk

At the other end of the walk you can see this sundial

On the lawns in front of the house some one had been laying out conkers in shapes

The house from the lawn

Bee hives and there were lots of them about

The church from near the walled garden


On the way out I noticed this duck, I nearly bought him home


  1. Fabulous gardens and lovely house! And I really like that duck.

  2. What a beautiful house and garden, and it's not far from where I live although I had never heard of it before. I love the walled garden (I love all walled gardens!). And yes, I too am rather raken with the duck! :D

  3. Hi Bill, Many neat shots here, thanks for sharing. I was looking at your Profile and see that it says, "An Old geek" ... I like that! I could steal that for myself! :-) Another thought that occurred to me while looking at the photos in this post ... I kept saying to myself, I would have taken that same shot. It's interesting when I find someone who share a similar outlook on the world. Take care Bill and have a fine weekend ahead!