Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Insert Coin 2009

Might seem an odd title but Insert coin is all about Arcade games and one day my oldest son wanted to go so dragged me along, well should I say got me to pay for him to go and as I had the honour of driving him I went along as well. The show or what ever it was happen at Northampton Rugby Club conference centre

When we saw this we knew we were in the right place

There was a queue to get in but not a long one

Though we did notice a couple of Star Wars Storm Troopers watching the crowd

They were looking menacing watching people along the line

Then started harassing people

Mr Smith was there as well keeping order with the end of his gun

But it was not long before we were in amongst the gaming machines

Where people were already sat down enjoying themselves

So was one of the Storm Troopers

This character is lost on me

But it did not stop here posing

There were racing car set ups

and jet ski's  if you could get the Storm Troopers off

tea shirts for sale

More games

Even more games

Even older people were playing (It's not me)

first person shoot em ups

even take the dog for a walk games

The girl in the pink hair was watching the dog went off and walked the dog

These two were happy to pose

there was a dance machine though the guy on the left looked like he was having trouble

Went outside for a breather and a bit to eat and met this guy

Back for  a last look round then went off home

saying hello to this couple
Quite a good time I admit and even I had a go  on some of the machines teaming up with my son.
I admit I've been to a few other functions like this with him but not of late.
Hope you enjoyed my light hearted explore this time.


  1. Wow that was quite an event.
    I liked seeing the pin ball machines. That's from my time. I loved playing them. You could play all night for 25 cents if you were good. : )

  2. You certainly met some characters and they looked as if they were having a good time! I'm sure your son appreciated you taking him to the event!

  3. Looks like a fun event although playing isn't my thing.

  4. Its really neat getting away and finding some fun with a cool video game far far far away.