Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hinton Amper House

"The current house was built in 1790 but remodelled extensively in 1867. It was remodelled again in the Neo-Georgian style by Trenwith Wills and Lord Gerald Wellesley for Ralph Dutton between 1936 and 1939 to his vision of what it would have been like had it been built on its current scale in 1790 – a Georgian country house. It was badly damaged by fire in 1960, and restored again much as it had appeared in 1936.
Ralph Dutton, with no direct heirs, gave the estate to the National Trust, on his death in 1985."
More can be  read on Wikipedia
Following on from the last blog about the Gardens  I'll show some of the photos I took in the house

The door above in the entrance into the house which you do in a clockwise direction through the rooms with this one on the left being the first

All the rooms seem to have some wonderful stuff in them

Like this clock I saw on a table

Or the mirror and fireplace in the same room. This one of the Library I did not get how I waned as some guy decided to stand in the middle of the room gazing round at everything he read about on a flyer they hand out. Not impressed

The lady's here were working on storing some curtains

Part of an inlay on a  table

Four poster bed and some ones clothes laid out for wearing

Breakfast was waiting nearby

Another fabulous Clock and in this room a painting over the fireplace

Going past one of the well decked out bathrooms

 a stunning side table

One of the preserved upstairs rooms while renovations went on

Above an urn on a pillar with chair. On the right a bedroom

Sideboard and display case.

So it was back downstairs then after this we went out around the gardens for a walk and I had a look around the nearby Church A very nice day spoiled when we went in the gift shop by an over active  kid because his mother did not watch what he was doing a problem I find in a lot of NT places, what ever happened to Children should be seen and not heard. Don't let that put you off the place is well worth going to & I think especially when the roses are in Bloom.


  1. Hi Bill, Wonderful job of sharing this home with us. Your photos make me want to go and see it in person. It reminds me of a house I visited last summer that was built by one of the original timber barons in the Pacific Northwest, Prentice Bloedel. He was the founder of a company that ultimately became a part of Weyerhaeuser. I plan on posting some pictures of my visit, but, in the meantime, if you want to see what I’m talking about take a look at this blog (not mine) and scroll down to see the house

  2. Merry Christmas Bill, It sure would be something to live in a Georgian Country house like this. I dare say there might even be a few ghosts wandering around trying their best to be heard, I wonder what secrets ly within these walls?