Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Llyn Brianne Reservoir

Now I have posted photos from this place before but I thought it was time to show a bit more of the place. Last time it was a pleasant sunny day where we had a picnic, this time not so nice.

To get to the reservoir you need to turn off the A483 at Beulah and head off up into the hills.  Not sure where this is but it looks down the hillside form the road to the river below 

Stopped off to get a photo of the woodland and the sign showing how steep the hill was

as you can see we had not reached the top

Stopped off at the picnic area to look at the reservoir
 and the overcast sky behind which looked quite threatening

drove along winding roads

stopped off for another photo opportunity



just having a scratch
 Better view of the reservoir

and the sheep laid down and watched

Eventually we got to where I want to go

view of the dam & spillway

top of the spillway & reservoir
 Looking down the spillway

and the view of the mountains behind it

Data on the dam itself

you can also read about who opened it in Welsh

or English if you like

there is a road across the top

and a bridge over the spillway

view back up the reservoir 

across to where I took the photos

 A stich photo of the reservior

A final look down at the dam. The building at the base is a hydro electric plant and my only regret of the day was that water was not flowing over the spillway. The Llyn Briannne  a nice place to visit and there are places you can stop off for a picnic or camp but I feel it does not quite have the same affect on me as the Elan Valley. Thanks for visiting and nope you liked the tour


  1. Beautiful views over the reservoir. I love the animals.

  2. Some lovely views of the reservoir on your journey there.