Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Kelmscott is a village along the upper part of the river Thames or Isis as it in known. I doubt most people would look twice at the village if it were not for the fact that William Morris lived there and is buried in the churchyard. The Manor House itself dates back to 1560 and has a 17th century wing added. The unfortunate thing with the place is that it is so close to the Thames it gets flooded 

This is the view of Kelmscott Manor William Morris would have see many time when he wandered round the front lawn

Maybe even sat in the shade here

I wonder if he had anything to do with the hedge

 The garden gave him lots of inspiration

and I admit I found it a peaceful place to walk

Still I did not come here to show the garden but some of the wonderful things you can see inside, like this embroidery 
 Or this one of his wife

The strawberry thief curtains ( I know this as we have them at home)  

The sitting room

the view out of the window of his garden

I love the window catch, if you look you can see a small hole in the peg sticking through where a tapered peg was put to lock the window.  Not sure who the painting is of though

These were some times which never made it to production

more curtains hanging on the walls

Fireplace which I thing is original

These are more drawings of his wife I think

more hangings
 I love this light, it's designed  in a way that when it is lit the shape of the lamp is cast on the ceiling
 Another painting, I never get tired of seeing them
 This was an interesting staircase to climb
 and this was an amazing tapestry

View from one of the upstairs windows of the front lawn
 Remember those stairs, well this is at the top

Remember the stairs, well this is at the top

along with a great view out the window

The tree must have been smaller when he lived here

looking out over the countryside nearby, the Thames it over to the right out of shot about 100 Meters away

Yep that is a door you see right up on the left hand side. I'd love to be a kid living in rooms like those I went through in the loft area.

 Drawing of William himself

This is carved in a piece of wood on the wall in a downstairs room

Rather nice photo of William

And another couple of old photos of him and his family
William died in 1896 but his wife Jane bought the place in 1913 and today it is owned by 

 William and Jane are buried here in the churchyard down the road with other members of the family
 and though I have seen the grave before my wife pointed out this Mulberry flower on the grave I never saw till then.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. If you get a chance then do visit, you will not be disapointed


  1. I loved visiting Kelmscott. I stayed at the pub there when I was walking the Thames path and arrived in time to visit William Morris's home. I loved it and your photos show it at its best.

  2. Looks like a nice place with nice surroundings. I love the staircase !

  3. A beautiful place! The wall hangings and tapestries are amazing.

  4. ita a lovelly place full of beautiful art.

  5. That's a beautiful place ! I love these old English houses !

  6. Such attention to detail, they sure don't make them like this anymore. I bet the manor house has a stone ground floor to combat the floods.

  7. I loved Kelmscott House, garden and tea room. Being a huge William Morris fan I'd be happy to go for another visit :)

    1. I'd like to see Prunella visiting the place for her blog