Saturday, 1 June 2013

The New Radnor Line

This line was one I had noticed on my Way to Builth Wells while going along the A44. I had noticed old bits of railway but wondered where that went, the one day while driving through New Radnor I noticed the Station Campsite just off the road. I started checking my OS maps and saw that there was a old railway shown so I started to check what was left.

As luck would have it I had the chance to go to the station campsite to meet up with a fellow Mini enthusiast to drop off some spares so after asking the site owner if he minded if I took some photos I took these of the station at platform.

I thought it was great so much of the building and platform was left.

Not only that the good shed was was still there.

Following a road to the next station you go past the remains of Jerrys Bridge

the embankment is still there as well

Doyhir Station is next along and is part of a lime quarry where nearby you can see some of the old kilns.

The building is in remarkable condition with a some original feature still there.

like this old original enamel notice on the door.

Driving on further you come to Stanner Station and another building can be found.

along with more platform still in place.

I was really surprised to see all these building were in such good condition and much of the old features were still inside. The next town along is Kington and I will post what I found there when I sort out some photos.


  1. Well done Bill. You have really found some gems there and all the history that surrounds them. Was this line one of Beecham's cuts?

    1. No I think it closed just before but for the same reason, the roads took over. There is another line like this about ten miles away I have to post yet.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks I still have to add one more bit yet.

  3. What spectacular pieces of history! I love the stone work.

    Brandy's Bustlings

    1. Yes and I still have a bit more to add. The stone work seems to be common to the line.