Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Wilts & Berks Canal Part 2

The photos in both parts were taken over 3 years ago so I have no doubt some of the places will have changed.
On this walk we started at Childrey Wharf and worked back to Wantage  and I was pleased to see that some sections had been restored and parts were still being worked on.

Part of the restored canal looking towards where work is going on.

Sure this was the wharf as there is what looks like the remains of a building nearby.

This is part which has yet to be restored and where it feeds into. There would have been a bridge here once.

Heading back to where the workings are this was the area being worked on. This photo was taken nearly 3 years ago so may well have changed by now.

Further along in West Challow you find the canal has again been partly restored for a little way.

You can also see the remains of where the old bridge was. it was culverted in 1948 and was done by A.F Ackrill & Son 1948 as the name and date is in the cement.

Further along towards the road you find the canal is back to being overgrown with weeds and the bridge that was there removed.

Going towards East Challow you find the canal is very overgrown though you do come across a lock on the way

 and a bridge nearer Challow.

This would have been a lift bridge once.

This building was an iron works once and would have used the canal.

This point is where the canal went under the bridge but it's long gone and a house sits  where the canal went.

From Challow to Grove most of the canal is still there, though when you get to grove it is filled in by the track leading to the old airfield just past that there is another section.


This is in a cutting and comes out by a lock where a few parts of the walls remain.

Not much to see though I can't see what else it could have been.

From there is is filled in and lost from view apart from a line of trees marking where it would have been.

Just past the road you find and area where the canal would have had a basin for the spur into Wantage.

It would the canal carried on to a lock which was over by the path in the distance and then on to Abingdon. I followed the path back into Wantage where the spur went.

Thats it for my two canal walks though I do still have to reconstruct where the section to Abingdon ran. Restoration work is going on with the Wilts and Berks canal in the hope to reopen it in the future for leisure purposes but there is a lot to do. I do intend to trace other parts when I get the chance and look forwards to seeing the restored parts.

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