Thursday 18 August 2016

The RSS Discovery

Most of  you would have hear of Scott and the Antarctic well this was the ship that took him and Shackleton  on the British Antarctic Expedition where it spent two years locked in the ice. It went to various owners after that but ended up back in Dundee where she was built in 1986 and eventually moved to where she is now at Discovery Point in 1992 If you want to read more on the history then look at the RSS Discovery link which can tell you a little more. 
So I'd see the ship when I drove into Dundee the first time with my Son and on one of my visits we went along for a look round the ship

The RSS Discovery in it's own purpose built dock 

The Water Line of Plimsoll Line as I know it you can read what the letters mean in the link

 The bow of the Discovery

Not sure if this can be called the figurehead anyway part of the Bowsprit 

and a head on view of the ship

When you get to the museum entrance you come across this mosaic 

which shows the compass points

 With Penguins at the four points

I did not think to take any photos of the museum outside or inside but this is the view of the ship as you come from the museum

A couple of ships anchors and boxes representing some of the stuff you would see being loaded on the ship 

The ships steering


 View of the wheel

Going down below you see various representations of what the crew would do like the ships carpenter


The ships boilers were good to see, well not as they were removed as part of the war effort which is one of the reasons she will not leave dock

There should be a propeller shaft here but even that was removed

The ships kitchen where all the food was prepared


Sips doctor and his surgery

Crew quarters with a couple playing cards

I think this was the laboratory where they  did some of the scientific research on the vessel


More quarters, the one on the right I think was Captain Scott's

Not sure but this might have been captain Oats 

This is part of the Bridge on the ship or chart house

Makers plate kept well polished

Think this may be the bow

View of the bridge

One of the ships compass

Ships steering on the bridge with the compasses

And last photo the ships bell.  Hopefully I will get a chance to visit the ship and the museum again as I felt the Discovery is well worth the money you pay to look round this piece of history and if you go to Dundee you cannot really miss seeing it either.

Hope you enjoyed the tour


  1. Thank you Bill....interesting post and great photos!

  2. Beautifully restored and lovely photography!
    Loved the mosaic outside with the cute penguins.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Beautiful! I love old ships.

  4. Thank you for that tour BIll. Very interesting and thought provoking. Nicely photographed too.