Thursday, 25 February 2016

Frosty Morning Walk

Now I confess this happened a few years ago but I only rediscovered the photos. My wife was doing a photo-shoot for a book at a village hall so I went out for a walk to find a disused railway.

The shoot was in Hackleton Village hall which I think at one time was the village school  built as you can see in 1863

I started out along a footpath to Piddington where you can see the church across the common in the distance

It was a pleasant walk through the

and soon enough I was passing the church wall ( I have yet to publish
the blog)

Taster for the church

Headed off though the village

 which looked to be still waking up

past this lane with the old chapel at the end

on past the pub with no chance for a pint, it was closed

 Back out in the countryside

Finally came to what I was looking for, the railway bridge

The old track bed was still there though used as a farm track now

I climbed down from the footpath to get a shot of the bridge

Then it was back off along the footpath

Occasionally checking the track bed

The frost was still on the ground as you can see

Along the was I noticed some brickwork and though there had been a railway building there and was excited to find it had been a station and the platform was still there

After that it was back out on the path then onto the road where I found another bridge

From there it was walking along the road passing views like this

Finally coming to the Village of Horton

And another pub to pass

It was getting near lunchtime so I set off back to see my wife passing through the grounds of Horton Park and coming out of the Drive gatehouses

Soon enough I got back to Hackleton

Where I passed the village stores which had the plaque you see on the right

 Soon enough I was passing another tempting sight of a pub

But I headed off down the road to the hall and Lunch with my Wife

If you want to check out where I went along the old railway click the link 


  1. Beautiful frosty morning, similar to today in fact. The remains of the platform was a good find Bill.

  2. What a great photo shoot you had yourself! These are some really wonderful scenes and buildings.

  3. A lovely walk on a frosty morning. Very interesting especially the track that was once a railway line. Exciting to find the foundation bricks of the old station. Glad you kept going and met your wife for lunch!

  4. The perfect shoot must yield special rewards, perfect relaxation and get away from civilization.

  5. What a beautiful rural area, a walk like that must be wonderful.