Monday, 19 October 2015

Bailey Pursuit 430-4 vs Bailey Pegasus Modena.

A caravan might seem a bit of an odd thing for me to blog about  but a lot of my explorations have been done from our caravan. Call it a review if you like but in this blog I will show a few differences between two very similar caravans made by the same company.
In this blog I have used some of the Bailey website photo's as well as my own.

This is our Persuit which we have has for a around 18 months, It's not the first caravan we have had but one we like and suits us very much. It's what you could call the entry level model and when we bought it we were told by Lewis at Oxford Caravan Center that it was very popular with couples because of the fixed bed in the back. The caravan is a four berth which is not a lot bigger that a 2 berth. When we bought it my wife & I commented that it would be superb if Bailey brought it out in the next range up which had a little more luxury about them. A few moths ago they did just that with the Pegasus Modena. We eagerly waited when they would get one in at Oxford Caravans and when the day came we went along for a look with high hopes. We came away very disappointed, I was so disappointed I thought I would write a review blog showing the difference between the two. I'll start with the layouts which I down loaded from the Bailey website.

This is a view of the layout of the Persuit as you can see it is a four berth with a rear bathroom kitchen and seating area

The Mondena is very similar though looking at the bathroom it looks a little bigger.

 This photo I downloaded from the Bailey site shows the interior of the Persuit 430-4 like ours

This photo from the Bailey website shows the Mondena which as you can see is very similar. The seating is much more comfortable I might add.

 The kitchen area on the Persuit which is functional  with three burner hob and combined oven & grill.
We have no problem with this and my wife has cooked a roast in it many times. Under the oven is a cutlery draw and a cupboard under it with the gas taps. Beside the cooker is a fridge with sink over the top. You can see a microwave over the top which we have used on occasion ourselves
Over in the corner are a couple of 13amp power outlets which we use in our for the kettle

This is the Mondena kitchen which is similar in looks to the Pursuit though this one has a proper cooker with four hobs three gas hobs and one electric which is another feature my wife likes.  The power points have moved and they added the hot water & heater controls.There is also a separate grill &  oven bit have you noticed what my wife & I did. Well there is no cutlery draw which is something I think is needed. Where are you supposed to keep cutlery, in a bag on the side. I personally think this is a big problem and the one thing that will stop me upgrading to the Mondena.

This is what Bailey think is an important feature a poxy cupboard to keep a couple of bottles in and a shelf for a few tins. Sorry I can do with out that I would rather have someplace to keep my kitchen utensils. I might add every manufacturer seems to thing we need some where to keep our wine personally I could put the space to better use like keeping cutlery in.

The storage in the bed area in the Modena is new with more cupboards to use and the corner space smaller

compared  to the Persuit

but when you open the cupboard in the Modena you find a shelf which restricts what you store and enough space under it for a couple of magazines

the Persuit on the other hand has no shelf so more storage


You find the same in the lounge area with a nice cupboard and stereo

but there is that shelf again and a smaller space than the Persuit. We store all our pans in ours but could not in this one. The stereo from what I can see is the same cheap unit used in all models. When are Bailey going to get a bit more up to date with one which has bluetooth or a USB connector. I'm sure you use a Iphone or pod. People use them and would like to connect to listen to music.

In the Modena bathroom you have a new unit and self and cupboard on the wall. The shelves serve little purpose other that take up room

The Persuit has more room and the same unit, the cupboard is in the corner which is a better place IMO, you also have more room by the loo.
One bonus with the Modina is the new shelf in the shower which is more use that the one in the Persuit. BTW it would be nice if a shave outlet was supplied

This is the front layout in the Persuit and one I like with the sunroof, there is also useful storage. You can also see the cupboard on the left is bigger than the one below

the Modena on the other hand has a full length window and less storage but then this is the same on the Unicorn as well

Externally the Persuit & Modena as more or less the same

but on this side it's a little different. The battery box is there like in the first photo but the added two flaps near the wheel, one has a 13 amp outlet the other for the 16amp plug to power the caravan and charge the battery. Not a good point IMO as it it can be knocked. The battery is now in the caravan and accessed by a trapdoor in the floor. Just what you need to struggle through the van and trip getting it out the door. There are a few other minor differences you can see when you look round the two caravans but no real show stoppers. I would like to see a satellite point added as most people use a satellite and have to hang the cable out the window. When I queried Bailey on the changes I was told caravans were a compromise between the vans but it seems to me you are compromised more in upgrading from the Persuit to the Pegasus when all you need is to make one a little more comfortable.

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  1. We have a small Eldis Broadway 350/2. For our first caravan I think it is excellent. We have slept in it on the drive to make sure the bed area doesnt need tweeking before moving it down to Cornwall where we will have a pitch for this year. I am really looking forward to using it. As we previously were tent campers. With the 2 dogs now, we thought best to upgrade and we can also use it for over night stays when we are looking for our new home.

    Sounds like you have it all planned out, what you need and where it could go. We will have to learn as we go I think. Although I dont care what anyone says, I am keeping the 2 kettles! lol I cant do with out a cup of tea. with or with out an electric hook up.

    Thanks for giving me the link!