Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lacock Abbey Part two

In this blog I'll show you some the things you can see round the house itself and a few of the exhibition at the end.

Going upstairs you can look out of the window to the Tudor Courtyard

One of the bedrooms

In another room we saw this which looks like  paraffin cooker

 The painting is of one of the last owners of the house and on the left is a pound note, doubt many people in the UK will remember the or know what they were now

This was an intersting room

Because I noticed this breastplate 

and helmit which I knew were civil war

 but the piece  here threw me until the guide picked it up and gave it to me. Dam was it heavy, he also have it to a lady he was talking to and she was very surprised at the weight. Turned out it went under the felt hat some of the soldiers wore,so you had this really heavy iron object on your head in battle. They must have had strong necks is all I can say

 These were also interesting are these helmets which were used when displaying a dead knight, I think they are called Mort Helms

How about this chair which is a tad uncomfortable looking, can you see the faces in it

Found them rather gruesome

Passed this which is the kids play room with real Tiger skin rug. You have to feel sorry for the Tiger

This was the next place of interest

 Because this was the room in which this window is and is where Henry Fox Talbot took a negative which is considered the oldest one in existence in 1832

Next place I ended up with was here in the dining room

eventually we ended up in the entrance hall

which had lots of carved figures around it
 Along with some really nice stained glass

Though the guy on the left looked like Gandalf or could it be Rincewind  with Death watching him

After leaving the Abbey we walked past the Botanical Gardens though we did not feel there was much worth seeing at the time
We then had a quick look round the museum at some of the old cameras 

Some of the old cameras and a painting of Fox Talbot

in the background you can see one of Fox Talbots photos of the bust here in the photo
Some of the Many old cameras on display with a ghostly image of me in the background

How about that then, A gold Nikon something they reproduced again of late in gold as a digital version. I'll stick to my trusty Canon

I'll leave you with a shot of an original Box Brownie, even I have a similar one at home.

For more information Visit the National Trust Website


  1. An amazing place! Thanks for the tour. In the very first photo, it looks like all the modern day cars are out of place. They just don't fit with the beautiful old Abbey!

    1. Hopfully in a couple of months they will not be there

  2. Fascinating post! That cooker is something else,I've never seen anything like it!
    I'm pleased to see photography is allowed indoors especially as this is a place to honour a pioneer.

  3. Great tour and isn't it interesting that in some NT properties you can take photos and others you can't. Doesn't make any sense to me. I always wish I had kept a ten shilling note and a pound note. Ah well too late now. Like your new header.