Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Crambrian Railway

I first came across this while going to Builth Wells. I could not help noticeing little sections of what looked like a former railway. So on looking at the OS map I could see that indeed a railway had run to and from Builth Wells. I felt it was worth looking into what was left.

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This area used to be the station at Builth Wells

Looking over to the right here you can see the direction the railway went on it's way North

Heading South too you to Erwood Station about five miles away and the railway went along this now cycleway

It would have gone over the bridge below and on along beside the Afon Wye (Afon is Welsh for river)

This now farm tack is part of the old railbed

And this is the cycleway heading towards Builth which is on the railbed as well

This is looking from the Erwood road  and the railway is about half way up the photo

This is where the railway ran further near Aberdew

The hedge here is another good indication of the line

along with this old linemans hut

zoomimg out shows the old fence still in place where the railway went

 As the railway go to Aberedw it would have come along this track

and could well have gone over a bridge here which has been removed

 further on it crossed the Afon Edw here

the bridge of which is still in place along with a good stretch of the railbed

Further along the railway went under this bridge

The sides which are still in good condition

after going under the bridge it would have gone towards the gate you see on the right and on to Erwood

It finally gets to Erwood station which still has a weigh bridge

 and station house

along with platform and train though I doubt it ever ran on this line.

a restored signal box

This would have been the crane used for lifting large items from wagons.

You can always have a cup of tea at the cafe here which is now Erwood Station Craft Center and well worth the look around. This is as far as I went in looking at this part of the line. Traveling along the road to Newport you can see parts of the line still in place but I never hand time to visit any of it.  I did cover more of the line going North from Builth Wells and will cover that in another blog. One last thing, remember the rusty old train a couple of photos ago well this is how it looks now.
Impressive don't you think
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  1. the rolling hills in the background are so lovely too!!

    1. One thing about Wales is you Guaranteed rolling hills

  2. Replies
    1. More or less a garentee in Wales, turn the coner and you find another beautiful scene

  3. history is fascinating, and can take us to some unexpected places we never intended to be in the first place. Thanks for the tour.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

    1. Could well be why I like looking for it now. I'll post part two in a few days.

  4. Such beautiful photography, as usual Bill. Makes me feel like I'm almost there... :)

    1. Well if you were I could show you a lot more round the place.

  5. I would see some of those things but I would never realise their significance and history. well done for exploring the disused railway line and taking us along with you.

    1. I have no doubt you pass them and not realise what it was, it becomes clearer when you look at the OS map.

  6. Glad to find your blog. I too am very much a 'wandering picture taker'.

  7. Replies
    1. There are some nice places round there.