Friday 3 August 2012

It fell In

The words my son had been told to tell my by a friend at work after a few moments I realised he meant a pillbox I knew of, a sad smile grew on my face and I knew what I had to do later.

 The first time I came across the pillbox which is near the Rose Revived on the Thames. the pillbox was on the river Windrush which flowed into it.

Even then it was overhanging the river

 A year later it was getting worse.
The overhang was worse and I wondered if it would see the winter out but it did and unfortunately I never managed to get back the following year  and meant to a week ago but due to time constraints I never made it but on hearing  it had gone in the river I was off to get some photo's

The poor thing had slid gently into the river Windrush in the last few days.

You can see the area where it slid, the heavy rain we had  and the river cut the bank till it would no longer take the weight and in it slid.

Yep dummy did go in but I would not advise it the dam thing was steep and you could slip in.

I may pop back again for another visit when the weeds have died down if it has not been removed.
From what I can see when I drive past it is still there though I could not tell you the state


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