Thursday, 31 May 2012

Newbury Parkway

This story starts a few years ago now when I went to Newbury with my wife shopping. We always used to park along Park Way and you could not help notice the vast areas which were left derelict and car parks built on them at the back of the shops along Northbrook street.
Then one day there was an Archaeological at the back of M&S, they found some cellars there dating back to Victorian times and before. Not long after machines appeared and demolished the remaining buildings nearby, I had my camera and so started the recording of the work that went it was Dec 2008.

This was taken from near Camp Hopson which was a place I visited regular to get a photo from the window and they always obliged.

It was only a few weeks later you saw the piling machines drilling the holes.

In may the site and a big wooden fence round the outside so it was not so easy to get photo's, but I realized that Camp Hopsons furniture department had a great view.

And I miked it for all it was worth but I did open the windows to get the shots holding on to my camera like grim death.
This photo in late Aug 2009 shows steelwork and concrete stare wells going up you might also note one of the buildings in the first photo has gone.

When I got back in October a huge hole had been dug in the center of the site, this was to be the car park two story's deep.

Feb 2010 and the steel for one of the department stores was up, this I found out was to be Debenhams.

June 2010 and the center was a hive of activity with tons of concrete being poured.

September and this is to be my last clear view down the site

Debenhams is taking shape as are the rest of the building along the road.

October and my view along the site from Camp Hopson had gone.

This was going to be the Penthouse over looking the park, and the glass was in Debenhams.

February 2011 and the apartment block was  taking shape

 June it was covered in scaffold.

By August Costain had noticed my  on Geograph and invited me on site for a tour.

So here is a view from the roof of the Penthouse Suite, pretty neat view I think.

The 21st October and the retail part of the development opened, this photo is around where the first one was taken, the site had been built in two years though there was still work to be done.

This is how the same place is now, the building in the foreground is John Lewis and you can see the penthouse above. The crane has gone of course. If you want to read a more in depth article then go to the link Park-Way-Development

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