Saturday, 21 December 2013

Plaques & Blue Plaques

My post in my daily blog of a blue plaque prompted my to post this blog. When you walk round many of the Towns in the UK you may spot a plaque on a wall or a blue plaque which commemorates something historic or a notable person, so I thought I would share a few I have found on my travels around.
I'll start with the most noticeable the Blue Plaque.

This is a name many of you will recognize and is on the entrance to the house she liven in at Winterbrook which is part of Cholsey  and not as may be though Wallingford.

This one can be seen on the side of Wallingford Town Hall and is to Judge Sir William Blackstone
The link shows how famous he is.
He is buried at St Peters Church near the Bridge

The say you learn something new everyday, well when I went the wrong way in Marston the other day I noticed a Blue Plaque on he wall of this place

So I stopped to turn round and took this photo.

Further along the road is this row of cottages

and saw this plaque, even great men live in modest houses, We have a lot to thank him for.

This is a recently added one on the wall of the post office in Goring

Samuele Saunders may not mean much to many people but he went on to become Saunders Roe on the Isle of White. You can see what his old boatyard looks like now in the link

Now a different kind of plaque you can see. This one is on a shop along Northbrook Street in Newbury. John Winchcombe is buried at the parish church along the road.

 Near the Town hall is this building the Cloth Hal
and this stone plaque can be seen on the end

 This on is on the Town Hall, I love it. You can see another one like it on the Bridge at Henley which is one of my favorites

Seems councils were concerned over the weight of traction engines on bridges

 This is Old Culham Bridge which was part of a toll road, the house is still there to the right out of photo. The bridge dates back along way.

You can see this little plaque on it. Have a read of the link I posted.

 Another historic plaque that can be seen along St Ebbs street in Oxford.

You could say this is an historic one, and commemorates Will Loader who was Mayor of Wallingford .

I'll finish with this one which is over some Almshouses in Wallingford You can see this type of place over the top of Almshouses round the country. There are commemorative plaques all round country most of the time you would probably pass by and not notice but it is worth stopping and looking if you notice them.