Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Some Randome Pillboxes

I call them random ans they do not seem to form any part of a stopline as such more for defense. Where do I start? most of the random ones came from Wales so I will start with one of my Favorites which is a Vickers post just outside Builth Wells.
This one seems to over look a golf course and seems t face away from the nearby bridge. I saw it posted by a late colleague off Geograph and I just had to visit.
Entrance was down these steps

and inside were three gun tables, might add it was clean and dry which was more than Phil Jones found as it was full of water

You have to love the embrasure on a Vickers post

Though the view out was not so good with the grass growing

It's worth stopping off at Builth war memorial where you can see this Allen Williams turret on display, restored by local cadet force.
The next pillbox I found looking at the DOB on my digital maps took some tracking down on Google earth but it existed so I set off to get a photo. It originally over looked a rail bridge that crossed the river Wye but as Beaching closed the line down the bridge was removed now the pillbox watches the sheep.

This view is from the pillbox top towards the river Wye, the old railway runs to the left of the photo.

The entrance was beside the railway and was a stoop down to get in.

Inside you had to watch your head as the corrugated iron shuttering had rusted away and was dropping down so could have shaved your head.

Most unusual feature was the high ricochet wall which I had not come across before.

But there were original features left to see.

The last one to see from Wales is in the Elan Valley overlooking one of the dams. The photo was taken using a 200mm zoom lens and I was lucky the trees had been cleared or I doubt it would have been see at all.

Looking at the stile which is Type22 it would have been built similar to the last one and probably by the same company. I did not try to visit though it does not look that easy to get to even if I wanted to.
The last pillbox is just outside Faringdon in Oxfordshre and had made the local papers because some one left a bucket with black power inside so the local kids who went in there for a quick smoke found out when it went off after they dropped the fag in it and the powder ignited. They were injured needless to say but nothing could be proved against the suspect.

This is looking down the old London road into Faringdon,, the pillbox is over to the right.

Closer shot of the external which is showing some signs of erosion.

The entrance had shield wall which was cracking away

that lead down and inside to a decorated pillbox.

Here we look up the London road past the Folly which is over to the right.  That we thought was it but a little further up the road we spotted this.

Some anti tank cylinders which had been used as gateposts, and ingenious way of recycling old WW2 defenses.

There were even more on the opposite side of the road

These would have been used to make a barrier along the road and there was about the right number to do this.

I have come across a few other lone pillboxes but they have been off stoplines or formed part of airfield defenses. Our history is all around us you just have to look.

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