Monday, 16 July 2012


I noticed this place Google maps while checking out a pillbox nearby I thought it was an old sewage works. Then while checking out the pillbox , I could see this large concrete tower that looked like a hopper. Curiosity got the better and I walked on along the towpath to see if I could get a closer shot. Well would you know it the fence was down in one place and it was rude not to pay a visit, I don't have a clue as to what it is I can only think it was the old paper mill. These are a few of the photo's I took round the place.

 The first view I had of the place, I wanted to see what it was.

One of the upright pipe supports

Looking across the site from the hopper

Pipes in the trees

Just in the middle of the site.

More pipes


Blue Hopper
Gummed up

Mixing machine


Hopper and filter bed.

There are more here if you want to look   Flickr

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  1. Fascinating! I often wonder why these places were just left with somuch still there. But if they weren't then there would be nothing for nature to reclaim or for people to explore